Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easy Music Writing in the Music & Media Center

Are you a musician that desperately needs to write out the parts for your band mates but have put it off because it's the exact opposite of fun? Or are you taking a music class and want to super impress your professor by including tidy-looking musical examples? We have the tools for you! (...and yes, that's the cheesiest line in the book, but it's true!)

The Music & Media Center now has an electric piano keyboard hooked up to a computer to facilitate notation entry into the music writing program MuseScore. I have never used MuseScore or had the opportunity to use a keyboard with Finale (the music notation program i used as a student a bazillion years ago) but i was able to figure it out and write several bars of music in 2 minutes. Seriously easy, seriously fun. You can read more about it on our Music & Media Center Facebook page. Stop by and try it out!

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