Friday, April 18, 2014

Steel Deliveries to Begin Monday, April 21

Steel for the frame of the library's planned two more floors is scheduled to begin to arrive on the construction site this Monday, April 21.   The steel beams and other pieces for the frame will arrive in sequence over a concentrated period lasting about eight weeks.  All deliveries are expected to come through the main construction zone gate next to the library building on Freret Street. During the delivery period for the steel, large trucks can be expected to enter and exit the construction site from and onto Freret Street anytime between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., six days a week (Mondays through Saturdays). Crews will direct both pedestrian and vehicle traffic around the gate as each truck arrives and exits. The deliveries and work on the site generally will stop temporarily for the library's study and period of April 30 through May 10, and then resume immediately afterward.

For more information about the construction project see the library's construction blog.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Break Hours at Howard-Tilton

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Easter Break Hours

Thursday April 17         7:30am - 9:45pm // close early
Friday April 18             CLOSED
Saturday April 19          10:00am - 4:45pm // close early
Sunday April 20            CLOSED
Monday April 21          7:30am - 3:45am // normal hours

The Schiro Reading Room (Louisiana Research Collection, University Archives, etc.) in Jones Hall will be closed Friday April 18 through Sunday April 20, resuming normal current hours at 10:00 am on Monday April 21.

Friday, April 11, 2014

4th Floor Open Stacks Area Returning to Normal

Most of the ceiling work in the northeast corner of the 4th floor is nearing completion and the contractor for the library's 5th and 6th floor construction project has now removed the plastic sheeting from about 3/4 of the book shelves in the 4th floor open stacks area. This uncovers books with call numbers BD241 through DAW1051.

In this area only books with call numbers A through BD241 remain covered.  Books still covered are on the shelving ranges closest to wall separating the open general stacks from the Latin American Library (LAL) closed stacks on the other side.

User seating on the Dixon Hall side of the 4thfloor open stacks area has been returned to use.

For much more information on this and other aspects of the project see the library's construction blog.   

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Temporary Limited Access to 4th Floor Open Stacks Area

The contractor for the library's 5th and 6th floor construction project has begun covering the book shelves in the 4th floor open stacks area with plastic sheeting in preparation for removing the ceiling tiles there to dismantle roof drains and perform other tasks in the space between the ceiling grid and the roof above.  Removing the tiles will also make it easier to completely inspect the underside of the roof around the area where we experienced a major roof leak on February 21.

The books will be covered and access will be restricted in this area until March 28. Books affected are those with call numbers A-DA, on shelves located on the northeast side of the 4th floor.

Until then library users will be able to check out books housed there by using the "Make a Request" feature in the online library catalog, with the standard 24-hour (weekdays) turnaround provided for access to materials in other restricted areas such as our off-site facility. These requests can also be made directly, in-person, at the Circulation Desk in the Learning Commons on the library's 1st floor. Access to the covered books will be restricted to library staff.

The contractor is required to preserve an aisle though this area all times for both staff and library users to continue to have access to the stairway on the same side of the building. The stairway access aisle will be identified with caution tape.

For more information see the library's construction blog.   

Thursday, February 27, 2014

After a Roof Leak, the Construction Resumes

Work on the the library's 5th and 6th floor construction project has been resuming this week after a construction-related roof leak poured water into a corner of the library's 4th floor early last Friday morning.  Since then workers have been focused on drying out the carpeting and baseboard that had been wet—mostly on the northwest corner of the 4th floor.  An area of the 3rd floor where some water had leaked through from the floor above was quickly dried with little damage since plastic sheeting had been draped over the book shelves there relatively quickly after the flooding was first noticed above.  Several 4th floor offices also in the northwest corner of the building had water damages, for which repairs have begun.  The water that poured directly onto some bookshelves produced about 2,500 wet books.  Of those, about 2,200 were boxed, frozen, and shipped off to a restoration facility in Ft. Worth, TX, last Friday night and Saturday morning. We were able to separate out about 300 very wet books that had coated paper or obvious damages that made them better candidates for replacement rather than restoration.  Books most affected were those with call numbers beginning with DA, which are applied to titles dealing with the history of Great Britain.

For more information see the library's construction blog.  

Monday, February 17, 2014

H-TML Restroom Closure Schedule: 3rd and 4th Floors

The contractor for the contractor for the library's 5th and 6th floor construction project will need to close, in two phases, the restrooms adjacent to the elevator lobbies on floors 3 and 4 as part of the work required to build shear wall supports in the center of the library building.

The scheduled dates for each closure phase are listed below:
  • Women’s restrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors will be shut down Feb. 19 through April 16  

  • Men’s restrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors will be shut down March 17 through June 30 
Restrooms on floors 1 and 2 should be unaffected. The smaller restrooms on the library's basement level at the foot of the former entrance stairs leading down to the staff and snack lounges will also still remain available.

For more information about the construction project see the library's construction blog